March 9, 2019

Congratulations to Caroline for her great presentation at the Pittsburgh Bacterial Meeting (Duquesne University). Caroline presented her work on decrypting the language of the microbiome using high-throughput mass spectrometry.

February 9, 2019


Today the lab volunteered at a food bank near Pittsburgh. We were put to work re-packing elbow macaroni, more pasta than any of us had ever seen. It was great fun for the whole team.

January 4, 2019


Erik presented the lab's work on "Piecing Together the Puzzle of Antibiotic Resistance through the Lens of Big Data" in the Senior Vice Chancellor's Seminar Series.

October 28, 2018


This weekend we took a tour of the Carrie Furnace and then carved pumpkins in preparation for Halloween. The lab has a surprising amount of pumpkin carving talent!

October 19, 2018


Erik presented our lab's work on the development of antibiotic resistance at Science2018 for the kick-off session of the Center for Evolutionary Biology and Medicine (CEBaM). We also had the opportunity to attend great talks by Bonnie Bassler (Princeton) and Paul Turner (Yale).

October 7, 2018


This week, Lauren attended the IDWeek conference in San Francisco, CA. A lot of people were interested in her poster about antibiotic stewardship guidelines.

October 6, 2018


We enjoyed DOORS OPEN Pittsburgh so much last year that the lab decided to go again. This year we took at tour on classical architecture in downtown Pittsburgh.