July 24, 2023

Getting to know the Wright Lab Members: Aidan

Getting to know the Wright Lab Members: Aidan

Presenting a semi-regular feature that we will use to highlight the most recent academic achievements and answer some questions about the lab member. 

This month's featured member for July 2023 is Aidan Lakshman, a doctoral student in the lab. 

Q1: What was your most recent academic achievement? 
A1: I presented my work on the ProtWeaver algorithm at Evolution 2023 in Albuquerque, NM. 

Q2: What would be your dream country to visit? 
A2: Australia or New Zealand

Q3: If you could master one instrument, which would it be? 
A3: Bass Guitar!

Q4: What is your go-to for having a good laugh? 
A4: New Girl

Q5: What is your favorite board game? 
A5: Backgammon

Q6: What is your favorite app?
A6: Reddit