October 6, 2023

Lab Photo 2023-2024

Erik, Nick, Sam (seated), Shu-Ting (standing behind them), Shania and Nishant (center), Aidan (behind), Monica (not shown, because someone has to take the picture). 

The above picture was taken in early October, which if you're familiar with the weather patterns of Pittsburgh, is unique because it was not raining and it was warm. It's possible that this day will be the last nice day of the year. We are also lucky because the building the lab is in, sits right on the river with a small grove of trees next to it. You can just make out a bridge (the Birmingham) and some of the buildings from downtown in the background. These things gave us a great opportunity to take an autumn lab photograph. 

Having lab pictures provides an opportunity to track who was in the lab when. Because students come and go, we can sometimes forget who knows who, and how long students were overlapping with other students and staff. It's a chance to have a visual reminder of the groups and how they worked together. This picture will likely get used on acknowledgement slides for the next year, and serve as the visual representation of the lab during the 2023-2024 academic year.