December 8, 2023

Photography in Science

Given the amount of computing power that exists in our pockets, and the need for scientists to document so many results and characteristics, I would posit that there are more pictures taken now for scientific purposes, than at any other time in history. 

Many labs inherently take a lot of pictures, especially those labs that do microscopy. While our lab infrequently uses microscopy, photographic evidence does allow us to revisit things later. And the ability to take lots of photographs, rather than notes on what something looks like, gives others the ability to see things for themselves. 

This month's post demonstrates both our use of photography in and out of the lab. The petri dish images provided an opportunity to count colonies to make sure that our bacterial stocks were still viable. Having pictures also allows these counts to be done via image analysis. The images of downtown Pittsburgh are a contribution of a lab member who walks over the bridge near the lab during their commute, and does a daily snap. Enjoy!