The Wright lab is seeking talented postdocs, graduates, and undergraduates who are enthusiastic about our goal of using evolutionary biology to advance medicine.

What makes the Wright lab special?:
  • We strive to be interdisciplinary, not only as a group, but also as individuals. Our policy is that lab members should learn how to pipette and how to program, if they haven't experienced both research approaches already. Read more in Science.
  • We like to invent stuff. It is not unusual for us to engineer or 3D print our own devices for experiments. And we develop most of the software that we use in the lab.
  • We work with a wide variety of different bacteria, ranging from model organisms like E. coli to natural antibiotic producers like Streptomyces.
  • We have an awesome lab culture (that's not just a microbiology joke!).

Prospective Postdocs:  Email Erik your CV and a cover letter explaining which project(s) interest you in the lab. Some experience with experimental biology is a plus, but a strong track record of success in your graduate career is a requirement.

Prospective Graduate Students: If you are a Master's or PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh and would like to rotate in the lab, please email Erik your interests and some times when you are available to meet. We typically accept students who are part of the graduate programs in Biomedical Informatics, Carnegie Mellon-Pitt Computational Biology, Integrative Systems Biology, & Microbiology and Immunology.

Prospective Undergraduates: Talented undergraduates interested in spending a significant amount of time in the lab are invited to email Erik their (unofficial) transcripts and a summary of past accomplishments. Summer research experiences are available through iBRIC and RTP. The laboratory works hard to incorporate exceptional undergraduates into our lab culture.